We welcome all walkers to the marathon and half marathon event, including recreational, competitive and Nordic walkers.'Competitive walking' is for those who take their walking a little more seriously (maintaining contact with the ground at all times) and wish to be eligible for the 'Fastest Walking' Prize. All walkers are eligible for major spot prizes provided they finish before 5pm.

If you think you could break into a jog or run please enter yourself as a runner.

Please note ALL Competitors will receive a timing transponder.

Marathon and Half Marathon Walkers
Those who enter the walking section in the Marathon will compete for trophies and merit prizes. The trophies will be awarded to the fastest male and female Walkers. We rely on entrants integrity that walkers WALK the complete event. Please participate in the spirit of the event and abide by the walking criteria. Any walking competitor seen running will automatically be classified in the running results. No correspondence will be entered into.

All walkers will have numbers which are a different number sequence from the runners.

A Definition of Walking for the Rotorua Marathon
Walking involves maintaining continuous contact with the road as judged by the human eye. The Walker must walk for the entire race. The competitor must not jog or run at any time. Jogging (characterised by the body bobbing up and down) is not permitted even if the Walker maintains contact with the road. Moderately bent knees are acceptable, but must not be exaggerated so that the walker is crouching. Walkers who are deemed to run or jog or whose crouching stance indicates they are losing contact will not be eligible for a merit award.


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