Simon Clendon is once again in charge of the Pace Groups for the Rotorua Marathon. The organisers will have free pace groups to help you achieve your goal time. Pacers are there to maintain a consistent pace throughout the marathon with the aim of finishing just under your target time.

Your Pacer will offer encouragement and advice along the way, especially through those final hard kilometres. With years of experience running marathons and half marathons, they know what it feels like when the going gets tough. They also know the fantastic feeling you will get when you cross the line with a dream time on the clock - remember to smile for the camera!

Running in a pace group has many advantages. A controlled pace is very important in a marathon. Start too fast and you will pay dearly for it later; too slow and you'll finish fresher but may not reach your target time. Another advantage of running in a group is the companionship of those around you. Chatting to others or listening to a conversation really helps those miles slip away.

Pacers will be identified by coloured balloons as well as a bib on their back displaying the target time. You will find your pace group near the sign in the start chute that displays that time. You are, of course, welcome to join a pack at any time during the event.

The pace groups will normally consist of two Pacers, A & B (thanks to PatCarrollOnline Pacers for this suggestion):
A - Positioned at the front of the group and responsible for pace setting.
B - Brings up the rear of the group and also acts as a back-up Pacer should the A Pacer falter.

Marathon Pace Groups
   3h00m Red balloons
   3h15m Green balloons
   3h30m Blue balloons
   3h45m Purple balloons
Yellow balloons
   4h15m Orange balloons
Pink balloons 
   4h45m Black balloons
   5h00m White balloons
   5h15m Red balloons
   5h30m Green balloons



Would you like to become a Pacer?
What makes a Pacer?
* A Pacer is usually an experienced marathon runner who knows their abilities and knows what a marathon can throw at them
* A Pacer knows how to run at a consistent pace
* A Pacer looks after their runners and provides encouragement and advice when needed
* A Pacer is someone willing to sacrifice their own marathon to help others achieve a personal goal
* A Pacer will generally run around half an hour slower than their normal marathon time
* A Pacer always has a smile on their face (even if they're hurting a bit!)
What are the rewards?
* Free entry!
* The satisfaction of helping others through what could be the toughest physical and mental challenge of their lives
* Peer and public recognition
* Putting something back into your sport
* Was free entry mentioned?
* Helium balloons to help you feel lighter on the day

If your preferred group is full then please consider another or stay on a back-up list in case one of the selected pacers cannot run on the day. If you aren’t fit enough for a marathon then please consider pacing a half marathon group.

If you are interested in becoming a Pacer for the 2020 event, then please apply by sending the following details:

Home Phone Number
Mobile Phone Number
Preferred event (Half or Full)
Preferred event PB time/date
Recent event PB time/date
Pacing experience

For more information on Auckland YMCA Marathon Club.


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