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Kinetics Physio Tips to get you through the 2018 Rotorua Marathon! 

In the build up to the 2018 Rotorua Marathon, David Cooper and the Kinetics Physiotherapy team are going to provide a few tips and tricks for negotiating both the training and race day itself. We aim to keep it simple with practical advice that is appropriate for athletes of all levels. 

Check out the great tips and advice below!

Four tips to staying injury free in your Rotorua Marathon build up

Training load
Load is a tricky term but can loosely be explained as the amount of energy expended during any given activity. As such it represents the duration (time), mileage (km’s), effort (difficulty) of each and every run or training session. Current scientific research has found that the total amount of load in training isn’t the only contributing factor to overuse injuries. Changes in load are the biggest factor, with an increase (or decrease followed by an increase) of greater than 15% increasing your risk of injury 7-fold. David will be discussing these more in upcoming blogs.

There are endless studies that try to break down the ideal biomechanics for a distance runner. Although complex, there are a few key fundamental movements that we know can considerably reduce your risk of injury. The tracking of your knee is vital, with inward knee tracking contributing to almost all lower limb overuse injuries. Stand in front of a mirror and do a small squat while standing on one leg. If your knee isn’t staying straight in line with your second toe – you have some work to do!

Many of the most common and basic injuries come from footwear that is either the wrong fit or hasn’t been broken in. Allow plenty of time to get used to a pair of shoes and although more expensive initially, getting two pairs and alternating them is good practise. Unless you are a seasoned racer it is advised to wear the same shoes on race day - remember, change as little as you can on the day!

We all know that fitting marathon training in around a busy lifestyle that often includes family, friends and work is hard. When you are tired, your risk of injury increases – specifically overuse injuries as your biomechanics are often at their worst when tired. Try to make a concerted effort to get to bed a bit earlier, especially before those longer runs.

Kinetics Rehabilitation Specialists

Kinetics is excited to be an official partner of one of the oldest marathons in New Zealand, the Rotorua Marathon. Kinetics is a musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinic based on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula – one of New Zealand’s most picturesque running locations on offer. Our clinic prides itself on catering to everyone “from Olympian to Office worker”. Kinetics has three divisions: Physiotherapy, Surgical Rehabilitation and a Youth & Kids division. Our clinicians are at the forefront of research and development of injury prevention protocols and evidence based rehabilitation.

David Cooper is the Principal and owner of Kinetics and has been a touring physiotherapist with Athletics New Zealand for a number of years. Himself a nationally ranked distance runner; David has also worked alongside the NZ Breakers, Triathlon NZ, Triathlon USA and Triathlon Canada. Other members of the physio team bring a wealth of experience in other sports including Westham Football club in the English Premier League, and the NZ Warriors.

To find out more about Kinetics and the services we offer feel free to visit our website or contact our friendly admin team by phone (09) 424 5632 or email

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