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If either "OMG" or "What have I just done?" were your first words after signing up for the Rotorua Marathon then you’ve come to the right place. With guidance from Hayden Shearman at Tempofit, we have a 9 month training programme to help get you off the couch and to the start line in great shape! 

Training is the single biggest factor that will decide how your day goes on Saturday 6 May 2017. You don’t want to under-train and hit the “wall” before the finish line! Nor do you want to over-train and have an injury prevent you even reaching the start line!

From Couch to Marathon - 9 Month Training Plan

From 10K to Half Marathon Training Plan

From Couch to Quarter Marathon Training Plan

Get your workmates, family and flatmates on board with your training goals and schedule and enjoy lacing up the trainers regularly in preparation for New Zealand’s most iconic marathon event.


LSD = Long, slow, distance run (keep the pace light enough that you could chat the whole way—so for some this may involve periods of walking).
Easy Pace = You should be able to hold a conversation the whole way (so for some, easy pace may involve walking breaks).
Strides = Short bursts of controlled fast running (not sprints) where you jog/walk for 60secs between each burst. Strides are designed to develop good running form, not to be killer workouts.
Fartlek = Warm up for 15mins jogging, then do bursts of faster running at a speed you think you could hold for 10k non-stop, warm down with 15mins jogging. 
Intervals = Warm up and warm down with 15mins of jogging and in between do bursts of faster running over a measured circuit (like an athletics track or use your GPS watch). 

Note: Our bodies don’t like sudden increases in both running distance and intensity. So if you are currently running, for example, three times per week, do not suddenly jump into five runs per week, but rather gradually add in extra short easy runs over the first 4-5 weeks of this plan. 


Include regular core and conditioning exercises that to help avoid injuries and to become a stronger runner (try these short 7 to 15-minute workouts: and get in the habit of doing some stretching or foam rolling after your runs. Swimming, aqua running, cycling, and aerobic gym classes can also be used to develop fitness further or to take the place of the odd easy run day. 



TempoFit provides group fitness for runners of all abilities all around New Zealand. They also provide online coaching and team packages for events like the Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon. Slow or speedy, online or in-person, there's a spot for you in the TempoFit team!


Hayden Shearman is the co-founder and head coach of TempoFit. He loves running distances from the mile to the marathon, track or road or trails—he loves it all! As the co-host of the Kiwi Running Show and author of books Runner's Guide to London and Runner's Guide to Wellington, he lives and breathes running and loves sharing that passion with the rest of the planet. 

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